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Cloudera Boosts Its Hadoop Security with Gazzang PurchaseTop Tech NewsHadoop projects often implement their own security, or use third-party solutions. Many regarded Cloudera and its distribution of Hadoop as the leading distribution and vendor until Yahoo’s Hadoop engineering team created a new company, Hortonworks, …

Is the Tea Party dead, or dying?We are still moving forward. We are still a thorn in the side of the socialist media. We are still giving the liberals fits. Are we dead, or mortally wounded?

If we are already dead, why are they spending so much time and money, trying to kill us? Go figure.
<you live in 0bama land>

No, Obamaland is on the west coast of Africa, where Zero, and, his daddy were born. The old man is a professed socialist. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I have been a speaker at 3 TEA party events. I cover the philosophy of economic principles and how it applies to wealth creation and distribution (not redistribution)

We are the republican wing of the republican party. For the last 50 years, the republicans have been inexorably drifting the the left; in a Quixotic attempt at luring votes in the middle. This lost support from true committed conservatives who were yearning for a reason to support their cause. The terms Republicrat and Demican were becoming realities. Of course, the left grew emboldened and drifted farther to the left as well. They didn’t compromise.

The left is now using dirty tricks out of Alinsky’s rules for radicals to isolate and freeze support from the TEA patriot leaders. The events I have attended, had no funding. The people made their own signs and we had a lot of fun. In a way, it’s better if the press ignores us for a while. The TEA party is active and strong and we are controlling elections via the primaries. We are ejecting RINO’s and replacing them with those who will not compromise. We are very content for the middle to judge us by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. The organizer of the TEA party events where I spoke, was Reverend Levi Yule (black) theologian.

The left won’t know what hit them when true uncompromising conservatives take over Washington!

Why left parties are in the power of WEST BENGAL for so many years?
Posted by patriot

1. Lack of determined, politically intelligent opposition.

There are 50-50 distribution of vote all over WB, as was revealed by the last assembly election. But the other 50% was divided in two or three sections. As a result left front won. And will win in many more up coming elections.

2. Lack of a strong moral / principle, strategy in the oppositions.

The left front is based on a principle, other parties have failed to emphasis the weaknesses of this principle and has no alternative. Parties at the opposite can not pick and show people the failures of government and take advantage of that in the elections. They don’t have a strong strategy.

3. The left front.
It has strengthened its own bases. From the very beginning it raised the salary of govt workers, gave jobs to many cadres, did wonders for the poor farmers, stood beside the poor in every problem (although not solving it, but making a protest, a strike, people thought this party is their own party).
Gradually the union Raj came and workers started to feel that the most important in the world is to strike. No job. The Govt also supported them. And you know my friend, when a man becomes idle, its the hardest thing to get him back to work. People in WB (50% of them at least) are thinking that this govt is the most kind govt.

But now Front them selves are feeling the heat, when the money is finished, education has gone down to the lowest level, each factory is closed, brilliant students are leaving. They are trying some thing different.

Lets hope Bengal will again lift its head among all, no matter which political party rules.

STATISTIC HELPPP PLZ!!! Probability binomial distribution problem?At a party 40% of the guests are members of a minority race. In a random sample of 60 guests, what is the probability that either 3, 4, or 5 will belong to the minority groups. Then approximate the probability by the appropriate distribution.
Posted by lish

n = 60, p = 0.4, q = 0.6
P[3 < = x < = 5] = 4.03537e-8 <——-
Http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=sum…are you sure you have the q right ??

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