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Has anyone heard of the Kenmore Group LLC, a loss prevention investigation company?I recieved a letter stating that they were trying to get a hold of me because i won a sweepstakesa/lottery. They sent me a check and said i had to cash it and send them the money back by a certain time in order to get the full amount. Sounds like a scam. I just wanted to see if anyone knows about this place or if they have been scammed by them too.

Posted by chrissy

I have checked into both Kenmore Group, LLC and Alliance 3PL.
Alliance does exist and is a transportaion and warehousing 3rd party company, hence the “3” in 3PL; it stands for 3rd Party Logistics. I am in the process of contacting someone from the FBI or the Department of Revenue (Secret Service since it is a financial crime) to find out if they have any complaints from Alliance 3PL that their checks are being fraudulently distributed or counterfeited. I am also trying to contact Alliance directly to find out if the check is a legitimate check.
Kenmore Group LLC does not show up anywhere on the web other than the in the original posting that I am responding to here.
I had the same fast busy signal, the same not available followed by the same cellular service provider message that they are not taking calls. That indicates the service has been disconnected for non-payment in most cases. When I finally got through I spoke with someone from India or Pakistan, who could not name the sweepstakes that this was supposed to winning proceeds from.
1117 am Thursday 18 January 2007
I just got off the phone with the accounting department of Alliance 3PL. The stated the have already been in touch with the FBI and the Secret Service about this since it is a counterfeit check and financial fraud.

Is there a website that lists 3rd party logistics brokers in the US?I am a new owner operator and I was looking for a website that lists freight brokerages in the US. I would like to find a couple of brokerages to work with as I am new to the industry. Is there one website that offers this service? Or should I just google freight brokers? I was hoping that there would be one website I could go to find a complete list of brokers by state. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by mr. Ramsey

Your best bet is to check out TIAnet.org. TIA is the Transportation Intermediaries Association, which bonds 3PLs. They have a member directory online. Http://tia.officialbuyersguide.net/index…

TIA won’t list every single 3PL or freight broker, just the ones who are bonded. If you’re looking to work for a 3PL or broker, than this list is all you need.