CAT Drayage from the Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach to CG Carson Facilities

Custom Goods

Port of Los Angeles shipping

Custom Air Trucking (CAT) is optimizing transportation services and implementing programs that facilitate efficient flow along the path from Port to Distribution. Custom Goods (CG) continues to work with global entities and freight forwarders to define- product entry to US, drayage to CG Facilities, bonded and FTZ services, transloading/ cross-dock services, kitting and outbound transportation to customer distribution centers. CG’s ability to control all facets of the transportation path with CAT provides a superior logistic solution!

The CAT Overview sheet (download link) describes in-depth the facilities, vehicles and benefits of working with CAT. Their knowledge of the intricacies; best drayage pick up/ drop off times, Pier Pass, Clean Truck status, Off Peak TMF savings, Heavy Weight Container usage are all vital to timing and cost efficiencies. The video link will clearly delineate CAT’s entry to Port and path through the Process. We invite you to contact CAT and CG for your TOTAL Logistic Solution!

Gate to Gate:

What Happens When a Truck Picks Up a Container?