CG – Heavyweight Container Corridor – NOW CG has 6 Carson Warehouses

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CG Dedicated Warehouse within the Heavy Container Corridor…

CG has dedicated 6 Carson Warehouse(s) located within the Heavy Container corridor which will allow customers to maximize container weights/sizes and container load efficiencies. The end result is time and money saved.

The heavy container corridor was created to aid in the movement of overweight 40′ or larger ocean going containers on designated city streets in and aroundthe Port of Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach and State of California, Department of Public Works approved a measurecargo_weight-guidlines-copy that allows permits to be granted for the overweight container loads in the port area. The permits allow the gross vehicle weight of the truck, chassis, container and contents to be at 95,000pounds/43,130 kilograms (with proper equipment).

CAT has the capabilities to move maximized containers to their hub (bldg. 195) warehouse and accept overflow container storage in it’s large, secure, 3 acre truck yard with yard goat. CG can implement this service upon their customers request.