Custom Goods to Implement the Manhattan SCALE Solution – Q1 2017

Custom Goods


In a bold move to deliver and optimize Supply Chain solutions, Custom Goods will implement Manhattan SCALE, Q1 2017!  This real-time interface will allow Custom Goods to manage all phases of the supply chain and share that data with their Customers. As CG expands its national footprint to 2.2 million sq. ft. of warehouse space across 12 facilities, it is imperative that analytics gained, lead to enhanced warehouse layouts for faster fulfillment and overhead reduction. Our analytics will simplify and define flow, how products are slotted and orders are best aggregated, picked, packed and shipped. Manhattan will optimize all facets of labor equation; forecasting needs, improved efficiency and reduced overtime hours. CG will share data, alerts and reports across its organization and with its customers through Manhattan’s robust TPM (Trading Partner Management). Customers will gain visibility into containers, warehouse floor, secure storage yards and trailers as product moves through the distribution process. CG will reduce transportation costs further with optimized routing and minimize freight spend via shipment consolidation.

Our objective has and always will be “Exceeding Expectations…Together” and Manhattan will a key element in the logistic solution!
Custom Goods Supply Chain