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3rd Party Logistics – The Money Saving Solutions

The concept of conventional logistics covers all activities relating to the procurement, transport, transhipment and storage of goods. Logistics as generally understood is concerned particularly with material flow (raw materials, interim and final products), but also involves providing companies with services and information.

Nowadays the development of electronic information and communication technologies affects all spheres of life. Naturally, it influences significantly economic life, including logistics. As a result, nowadays it is possible to speak about electronic logistics as extremely perspective field for further development.

On researching the problem of electronic logistics, it is primarily necessary to dwell upon the methods that are traditionally used in the related researches. Basically, it is possible to use phone inquiry, face-to-face interviews with companies implementing electronic logistics in their business. Also it is possible to interview management consultants and IT suppliers.

Obviously, nowadays electronic information and communication technologies are widely used in the field of logistics. As a rule, it is widely used in buying and selling transactions, as well as material follow transactions. It is necessary to point out that logistics services providers use electronic logistics wider than companies operating in the field of manufacturing and trade.

In the current a situation, the advantages of electronic logistics are evident since it creates new operating models that provides a company with a competitive advantage compared to the companies using conventional logistics. It also permits to develop efficient management of larger entities and correct information in constantly changing market situation.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to emphasize that electronic logistics is a relatively new field and it makes its first steps in the contemporary business. In such a situation, certain obstacles and challenges, the companies implementing electronic logistics face, are quite natural. Among these obstacles and challenges may be singled out the following: scarce financial resources for investments, lack of capabilities of network parties, lack of standards, challenges in integrating inter-company information systems.

However, electronic logistics is still quite popular due to the perspective of business process re-engineering skills, since it provides the possibility to use technologies to support business processes.

Thus, electronic logistics is a very perspective field that needs further research in order to provide better opportunities to its proper implementing and wide use.

Thousands of jobs are expected to be created thanks to five development … – Fontana Herald-News

Thousands of jobs are expected to be created thanks to five development …Fontana Herald-NewsThe company said that the Rancho site signals the launch of a 15-million s.f. Development pipeline in key U.S. Logistics markets, which will result in $1.4 billion of development work in progress from Goodman Birtcher's operations over the next three …and more »

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Explain why logistics management is important to the success of international companies?

SOMEONE SAVE ME *sniffles*

Look at the definition of logistics, Sniffles. Logistics is all about getting parcels of whatever where they need to be on time. That's important. If parcels don't arrive on time or earlier than expected, don't expect your international business to flourish.
PS In my experience, women are more efficient at logistics than males – go figure . . .


Hi , i am ananth, i would like to do mba in international buisness. Could any of tell me what types of jobs do i get for this specialisation.

Posted by Ananth

When i went to business school i took a course on international business and i remember the proffesor talking about how businesses are more and more needing people who can act as 'ambassators' so to speak who understand worldwide business markets and can help companies expand into different markets around the world. Businesses also need advice on which particular contries to expand into and which ones may be too risky. There is also huge demand for people to work in logistics-businesses need help finding the best way to get thier products around the world. Because this is a huge cost for companies these days and they need to be extremly efficient. A lot of companies are made or broken in logistics and sales are becoming less important. Two companies can sell the same amount of product but if one cuts thier logistics costs in half or even by a few percent-it can equal to millions more in revenue compared to thier competition. So companies are willing to pay good money to people who can help them lower these costs.

Tax in Vietnam? International Shipping.?

So i decided to buy a laptop from US ( through my friend ) and send it to me in Vietnam.
But things seem a little too complicated for me to understand the procedures.
I have couple of questions:
1, What kind of tax (or taxes) must I pay?
2, Will it be considered personal shipping if I unboxed the laptop (reduced tax, no tax etc)?
3, I checked out service fees of DHL, USPS, UPS, Fedex and USPS and UPS seems to have much better price than Fedex, is there any reason to that?
4, If I decided to import a larger number of laptops (say 3-5 laptops), would it be considered cheating, tax evading etc. If I still ship as personal belongings?

I would suggest using a forwarding or logistics company to handle these types of details for the transaction.
Here are some links where you can get some estimated info and if you have any questions, I would use the companies live chat to ask. They always respond in just a few seconds.

Custom Goods
1035 E Watson Center Rd
Carson, CA 90745


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