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Hub switches to company drivers in California, citing ‘legal climate’ – JOC.com

Hub switches to company drivers in California, citing ‘legal climate’JOC.comHub Group Trucking is converting its owner-operator drivers into company employees for its California drayage operations, citing increasing threats of litigation over alleged misclassification of drivers’ employment status. “It appears that the legal …and more »

3pl warehouse los anglesIndia has tremendous possibility to become the first way to obtain agricultural products, more specifically food products within the world. It posseses about 53% of arable land – land intended for cultivation of crops in comparison with a measly average of about 11% for the rest of the world. It has feathers within it’s cap as the second highest fruit and vegetable producer on the earth, 6th largest producer of fish and such like however doesn’t make-up up 10 food exporting countries.If it weren’t for some severe infrastructure and technology issues, there is definitely stopping for this gigantic food bowl. With large tracts of arable land, inexpensive labour top-quality produce tumbling from the barns, there is a potential so huge that usually, the scope and scale is sort of unbelievable.

However, if one had to point out at any single reason as to why the Indian agricultural industry is so much of a laggard when pitted against the global standards, it just might be pathetic state of the Logistics Companies in California, distribution and and an inefficient supply chain. India faces an acute problem of a lot of food wasted away due to the absence of a proper cold storage, cold chain and frozen food distribution system. If only this behavior was set up, huge amounts of food might have been processed into some form of value added foods and sold both locally and abroad.Annually, there is often a considerable amount of such agricultural produce that is waste away. If there were cold storage systems, efficient cold chain, logistics and distribution companies, it could have been it is more than possible process these primary products into newer, secondary products and resold to consumers locally and internationally. A method needs to be carved out for the growth in this industry and a lot of investment action is yet to check out some real action.

third party warehouseCost of cold storage, cold chain distribution, installing of food processing plants throughout the country, applied research on harvesting technologies an a rapid development of what you eat retail industry will be necessary steps that may ensure an organic growth in this sector.

What’s Cold Chain?

A chilly chain is essentially a 3pl logistics system, which helps to in maintaining and offering a few facilities for ensuring ideal storage conditions for your perishables from the purpose of origin to the point of sale. A well developed and efficiently organized cold chain reduces wastage, spoilage and helps keeps the perishables intact thereby helping to take care of the true quality of the harvested food products ultimately making the whole system economical to the farmers and that which ensures top-notch quality to the very end user.