Company Address:


    Phone number:


    Location (City & Country) of current Distribution Center Operation:


    Service Requirements

    1.0) What is your Expected Project Go-Live Date:

    1.1) What types of Services are required ?

    Distribution Management
    Inventory management(e.g cycle count)Order fulfillmentPick / PackCross dockVMI (vendor management system)
    Value Added Services
    Quality inspectionBar code scanningKitting / assemblyLabellingRepackagingReturns managementOthers

    Please specify if others

    1.2) What are your desired Distribution Center operating hours requirement:
    Monday to Friday to
    Saturday to
    7x24 operation support required?
    Others, please specify:

    1.2) What type of Warehouse Management System (WMS) will you use?
    Custom Goods WMSClient WMS

    Inventory Profile

    2.0) What specifically are the Commodities to be handled?

    2.1) Please advise your average inventory in U.S.$:

    Under $50K$50K - $100K$100K - $500K$500K - $1 Millionover $1 Million, please specify

    2.2) What are the Handling Unit(s) - check all that are applicable:

    PiecesCartonsPalletsDrumsRollsBagsOther, please specify

    2.3) What is the total number of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) ?

    a. Number of total SKU
    b. Number of active SKU

    2.4) Is any material hazardous or dangerous goods?


    Inbound Shipment Profile

    3.0) Please specify the Volume throughput per Month

    For Ocean Freight:

    3.1) How does Product arrive (Check all applicable)?

    Floor / Deck Loaded

    % Total Inbound Volume :


    % Total Inbound Volume :
    3.2) Palletized Cargo - percentage of single or multiple SKUs(part number) per pallet

    3.4) Inbound Information:
    Please specify Normal volume months:
    Please specify Peak volume months:

    Number of SKUs per Inbound

    Number of Cartons per Inbound

    Number of Pallets per Inbound

    Number of Cartons per Pallet

    Will CG be separating by:SKUSKU,POSKU,PO & color,size etc

    3.5) Is Inbound Barcode Scanning required?


    3.6) If scanning is required for Inbound, please explain -(Serial#, Lot# or Vin#)

    Distribution Space & Storage Requirements

    4.0) What are your current storage requirements?

    Floor Stacking2 high3 high4 high5 highPallet StorageHow many cartons in stockHow many pallets in stock on first of monthAverage sq.ft requirements

    4.1) Average pallet dimensions & quantity being stored?
    Example One:
    Lenght in Inches:
    Width in inches:
    Height in inches:
    Weight in lbs:
    Storage quantity in pallets:

    4.2) Average carton dimensions & quantity being stored?
    Example Two:
    Lenght in Inches:
    Width in inches:
    Height in inches:
    Weight in lbs:
    Storage quantity cartons:
    Number of cartons per pallet:

    Distribution Space & Storage Requirements (continued)

    4.3) Please specify (rolls,drums, etc):


    4.4) What is the expected storage time & turns per year?

    4.5) Please specify inventory cycle count requirement?

    4.6) Is bonded Warehouse required?

    if Yes, please specify

    4.7) Security, Fire Protection & Climate setup

    High Value Goods - Fencing AreaSecurity Guard 24/7Temp/HumidityOthers specify
    If Others,specify

    Outbound Shipment Profile

    5.0) The standard Custom Goods order shipping time is 24 hours from time of order receipt is this acceptable?

    If No, please define in 5.1
    5.1) Shipping Time urgency:

    2 to 4 HoursSame Day48 Hours
    5.2) How is product picked:

    Unit (Pick/Pack)Carton (Master Carton Pick)Pallet (Full Pallet Pick)
    5.3) Will opening of Cartons & repackaging be required for Outbound?

    If Yes, please specify in detail:
    5.5) Outbound Information:
    Number of Orders per day or week or month

    Number of SKUs / Lines per order

    Number of artons per Line

    Number of units per Line

    Number of Pallets per Order

    Number of Cartons per Pallet
    5.6) Is Outbound Barcode Scanning required?


    5.7) Is Labelling and/or Special Packing required:

    Customer LabelsPackaging ListBill of LadingUCC128Special PalletCorner PadsShrink Wrap

    Documentation & Information System

    6.0) Inbound Advance Notice
    (Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment advice)

    EmailFAXEDI(943)EDI(944)Flat FilesCourierOthers
    Please specify, if others

    6.1) Outbound Shipping Notice will require the following options:

    EmailFAXEDI(940)EDI(997)EDI(850)EDI(945)EDI(856)Flat FileCourierOthers

    6.2) Do you require any other EDI/Flat File documents from CG System?
    Please specify