Custom Goods understands that protection of your assets is vital to a Successful Logistic Solution!

Custom Goods, specializes in Contract Packaging. We consolidate inbound freight and repack for distribution or export. If sorting, light assembly or kitting is needed, our skilled associates have the expertise to deliver the end pack-out for timely shipping. CG assesses contents, delivery method and determines the level of protection needed to assure safe delivery. Our objective is to optimize pack-outs that best meet the designated shipping choice – it’s part of our collaborative approach to logistics.

  • Contract Packaging Specialists

  • Damage Protection Program for Oversized Parts

  • Custom Pack Outs and Pallet Builds

  • Light Assembly, Rework, Kitting, and Pick & Pack

  • Implementing “Green Packaging” Initiatives

Custom Goods Optimizes Pack-outs with Dedicated Teams