Third Party Warehousing Companies

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Solutions For Inventory Tracking with Custom Goods

Inventory control for small businesses is becoming more and more technologically advanced. It used to be that bar coding and electronic tracking of inventory was reserved for large businesses due to excessive start-up costs. However, that has recently changed and there are now inventory tracking systems available at affordable prices. Small- to medium-sized businesses finally have the technology they need to compete with larger companies.

One of the major competitive advantages large companies have always had over smaller ones is efficiency in managing inventory. Through electronic inventory tracking systems, larger companies have real-time counts of all items in stock and the ordering of replenishment stock is done automatically based on the count in the computer. Smaller businesses relied on a physical count, usually done monthly, that had to be manually entered into the computer system. This required extra man-hours and made it difficult to know exactly how many of a particular item was on hand at any given time. It also increased the likelihood of running out of an item, causing customers to get it somewhere else.

Small- to medium-sized businesses may now take advantage of the same technology that larger businesses use to increase efficiency and, therefore, profits. The inventory tracking solutions and software are now available in packages that suit any size business. From the “mom-and-pop” retailer to the regional department store, there is a solution to fit the needs and budget of any company looking to increase its bottom line. With just-in-time inventory and no need to handle the data twice, these electronic inventory tracking systems offer a significant return on investment.

Some inventory solutions are designed to be usable right out of the box. This means there is little time sacrificed for installation and learning the software. Business owners are able to spend their valuable time running their companies instead of deciphering their new inventory systems and software.

Inventory tracking systems make it possible for smaller businesses to run with the same efficiency as larger businesses. This allows these smaller businesses to compete on price and selection once again. In fact, the availability of electronic inventory solutions puts the competitive advantage back in the small businesses’ favor; not only can the local business compete on price, but they are still able to maintain the same level of customer service that draws their customers in the first place. And personalized service is certainly something that large companies are not known for.

Inventory tracking systems designed for the small- to medium-sized business make it possible for these businesses to compete with large companies. Not only can smaller businesses now run with the same efficiency as larger ones, but they are still able to offer the same personal and friendly service consumers come to expect from a smaller, local company. Big businesses no longer have the competitive advantage of electronic inventory solutions and the efficiency it allows; smaller businesses are using the same technology to their advantage.

Training In Lean Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, And Warehousing … – Logistics Online (press release)

Training In Lean Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, And Warehousing …Logistics Online (press release)Services include lean third party logistics services, warehousing and facility management, training, and consulting. SOURCE: PRWeb. View original release here: Http://… Like what you are reading?

Questions and Answers

Where is the amazon warehouse.?

I want to order an iPod and was wondering which is better to choose the amazon choice or the seller in my state. Which will get to my house faster? Is the amazon warehouse in CA?

Posted by emily Rose

Fulfillment centers are located in the following cities, often near airports. Amazon offers warehousing and order-fulfillment for third-party sellers including large companies such as Target Corporation:[11]

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* North America:

* Arizona, USA: Phoenix, Goodyear
* Delaware, USA: New Castle
* Indiana, USA: Whitestown, Munster
* Kansas, USA: Coffeyville
* Kentucky, USA: Campbellsville, Hebron (near CVG), Lexington, and Louisville
* Nevada, USA: Fernley and Red Rock (near 4SD)
* New Hampshire, USA: Nashua
* Pennsylvania, USA: Carlisle, Chambersburg, Hazleton, and Lewisberry
* Texas, USA: Dallas/Fort Worth
* Ontario, Canada: Mississauga (a Canada Post facility)

In March 2009, Amazon announced plans to close three U.S. Distribution centers: Red Rock, Nevada; Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; and Munster, Indiana.

What does third party warehouse mean?

Posted by Jordanfan23

This means a company other then the company you are dealing with is shipping you or managing merchandise.

Warehouse Problems and Solutions?

I would like to know where I can find information regarding to warehouse/logistics problems and solutions? Please give me some websites to refer to. Thanks alot!

Posted by flkh168

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (formerly Council of Logistics Management) is a trade association for people asking and answering these questions. Their website is a good starting point for exploring some of the issues.

Issues do vary significantly by industry, but some that are particularly current include: how to mitigate the impact of rising fuel costs; managing increasingly complex global supply chains, especially in light of increases in outsourcing and off-shoring; reducing inventories while maintaining or improving customer service levels; implementing RFID technology; increasing collaboration with suppliers and customers to improve forecast accuracy, reduce leadtimes and reduce stockouts; selecting and utilizing third-party logistics companies (3PLs); and improving internal communications and processes through Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).

Some consulting firms and logistics services providers will post articles, case studies or "white papers" on their websites, which would highlight their perspectives or solutions on many of these issues. I won't advertise for my competition, but I've included a link to some of the articles my firm has in the area.…